Vijay Parikh
Hardware From the Garage to the Home

20 Nov 2017

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Show Notes

Topics: Ego, Hobbies, Home Automation, Guitar, Hardware, Internet of Things, Social Interaction



In this episode we are joined by Vijay Parikh, Lead Engineer at smart home automation startup Keen Home Inc. Vijay shares his unique perspective on the burgeoning new market for smart home devices and other consumer hardware, a perspective based in part on a previous long stint in his career working on parking garage firmware. Yes, parking garages. You’ve almost certainly never thought about it, but parking garages have kiosk computers tracking cars, payments, open parking spaces and more. Vijay breaks it down for us, and explains why he came back to hardware because he believes the cloud is commoditized and cloud plus custom hardware will drive the next wave of innovation. He also shares wisdom and amusing anecdotes from working abroad, playing guitar and building competitive pumpkin launchers (trebuchet).

Guest Bio

Vijay Parikh is Lead Engineer at Keen Home, Inc. He has previously held positions as Platform Director and Senior Software Engineer at Qualia Media, Software Engineer at Magnetic and Lead Software Engineer and Software Engineer at Amano.

Vijay is an avid amateur tinkerer, guitarist, and photographer, and for many years has participated in trebuchet competitions.



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