Nicolas Kruchten
Telling True Stories with Data

30 Oct 2017

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Show Notes

Topics: Data Visualization, Javascript, Machine Learning, Open Data, Open Source, Software Engineering, Social Responsibility, Teamwork, Team Leadership


Projects: PivotTableJS, React-PivotTableJs


In this episode we are joined by Nicolas Kruchten, Head of Engineering at Nicolas looks back on his 15 years of working with data to reflect on the social and human aspects of analytics, machine learning and data visualization. He discusses the motivations and impact of some his many civic data projects based on Montreal Open Data. We talk about visualization as metaphor and “UI for your data,” and touch on Nicolas’ successful open source project PivotTable.js, which brought this venerable analytical tool from the desktop to the browser. Nicolas also shares what he has learned about effective communication through his varied experience in roles as a civil and software engineer, data scientist and head of product and head of engineering.

Guest Bio

Nicolas Kruchten Head of Engineering at, which builds data-driven tools teams and companies use to improve their culture. Nicolas has previously held positions as a Senior Software Engineer, Head of Data Science and Head of Product. He was Director of Technology for Engineers Without Borders Canada and graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s of Science specializing in Civil Engineering. He is the creator and maintainer of the PivotTable.js project. He has been blogging since 2010 at, often presenting data analysis and visualization projects based on Montreal Open Data data sets. You can follow him on Twitter @NicolasKruchten.



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