Max Mautner
Accidental Engineer With a Purpose

12 Mar 2018

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Show Notes

Topics: Career Advancement, Career Change, Code Schools, Computer Science Education, Learning, Podcasting, Social Responsibility



A funny thing happened to Max Mautner after he landed a job as a technical analyst: he noticed his job actually involved writing lots of code. Soon after he realized programming was fun, there was high demand for programmers, and he could get paid more if he could work his way into a position with “engineer” rather than “analyst” in the title. Two jobs later he’d achieved his goal and is now a lead platform engineer at Madefire, creators of an innovative publishing platform combining animation and comic books. As he leveled up Max remained a keen observer of how to improve as an engineer and advance his career. He also noticed many of his friends and colleagues had likewise followed a non-traditional path into engineering, so he started to the podcast “The Accidental Engineer” to “make his friends look good,” and to inspire aspiring engineers with the stories of those who had pivoted into the field before them.

Max’s insights will equally help those thinking of pursuing software engineering and those already in the field who are taking stock and plotting their next move.

Guest Bio

Max Mautner has held roles as a systems software engineer, a financial trader and a friend.

Like “Using Reflection”, Max profiles people in tech at The Accidental Engineer with an aim at persuading others to enter the field who might otherwise be deterred!

His favorite food and drink are pickled herring and Diet Pepsi.

Favorite programming language? Python

Favorite stimulant? Espresso



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