Joe Cavanaugh
Craftsmanship, Mentorship and Maturity

16 Oct 2017

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Show Notes

Topics: COBOL, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Mainframes, Mentoring, .NET, Software Engineering, Teamwork, Team Leaderhsip



In this episode we are joined by Joe Cavanaugh, programmer analyst for Thomson Reuters. Joe describes a journey that started with working on mainframe COBOL programs written the year he was born and evolved to leading dev ops efforts for a company division. Along the way, Joe has helped start and grow a mentoring program, gained insights about the connection between a team’s maturity and the maturity of its processes and product, and learned about craftsmanship by comparing his woodworking skills to those of his grandfather.

Guest Bio

Joe Cavanaugh is a Software Engineer with Thomson Reuters, a company which provides the intelligence, technology and human expertise you need to find trusted answers. He is leading the company’s efforts to provide a better Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery experience. Joe previously was a COBOL programmer working on an IBM mainframe, a .NET engineer working in Silverlight and C# for 2 years, all at Thomson Reuters. He is also proud to to have helped grow a company internship program from just a few students working on the mainframe to more than a dozen students working on a variety of projects. In addition, he co-founded “Innovation Days” initiatives as well as conferences on campus. When not working he is chasing his daughter, playing video games, watching football, fishing, or just hanging out in rural Wisconsin with friends and family.


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