Hayden Cacace
Life and Gaming, 2 Sides of the Same Coin

13 Nov 2017

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Show Notes

Topics: EdTech, Failure, FinTech, Founding, Game Development, Gaming, Learning, Play Testing, Social Apps, Startups


Projects: TileWild


In this episode we are joined by Hayden Cacace, Director of Product Engineering at Nvstr, and former gaming startup co-founder. This is a really fun episode in which a unified theory of living, learning, understanding and gaming emerges from Hayden’s active mind and enthusiastic conversation. Hayden talks about software as a holistic understanding of human needs answered by technical creation. He emphasizes the importance of understanding systems for all of us in a world that is increasingly connected and growing in complexity. And he describes how gaming is a journey of commitment and mental discipline into a world combining art and an interactive system of rules, and the relationship of this journey to education and all learning. Where does gaming end and life begin?

Guest Bio

Hayden Cacace is the director of product engineering at Nvstr, an early-stage startup where he designs and builds software to make intelligent, self- directed stock market investing accessible to everyone. Hayden has worked as a manager, product architect, game designer, engineer, tech lead and founder for a variety of companies, large and small, on a range of projects in education tech, and console, PC and mobile games.



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