Corey Huinker
A Career in Database Consulting

23 Jan 2018

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Show Notes

Topics: AS-400, Consulting, E.F. Codd, MySql, Open Source, Oracle, PL/PgSQL, PostgreSql, Relational Databases


Projects: PosgreSql


As a kid, Corey Huinker had already decided the “token economy” of earning gold stars from from teachers felt pointless, and the only way his parents could coax A’s and Bs from him in high school was to pay him. Later, at his first internship at IBM, he learned two important lessons: staff employment is no guarantee of job security, and contractors can make more money than staff employees for doing the same job. Three years into his career, attracted to the idea of earning an honest wage for honest time spent, he struck out on his own as a software engineering consultant. Along the way he learned that specializing and being better than most people at something is a key to consulting success. Corey chose relational databases and has since made several contributions to PostgreSql.

This episode offers a great chance to frankly consider the tradeoffs of consulting vs. staff, and to learn how to survive and thrive as a consultant from someone who has been doing so for two decades. It’s equally a chance to consider the enduring strengths of relational databases with an expert. And finally, it’s a fun conversation leavened by Corey’s unsparing observations and dry wit.

This is Episode 14 of “Using Reflection.”

Guest Bio

Corey is the owner of Corlogic Consulting and yes, it’s a play on his first name. He has a degree in Applied Math from University of Wisconsin - Stout. He has made multiple feature contributions to PostgreSql, contributed to PostgreSql core, and spoke several times at the PostgreSql PG Conf in the U.S. and Europe. His inspiration to get into programming came from a Big Trak he got for Christmas one year, and too many hours playing SimCity. He spent his 19th birthday working for IBM. He has performed comedy improv, been a roller derby referee, and pursues interests in history and urban planning.



Database Theory and Concepts

Database Procedural Languages

Commercial Relational Databases


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