Brad Jester
From Solar to Data Science

06 Jan 2018

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Show Notes

Topics: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Power Plan Development, Recruiting, Social Responsibility, Solar and Renewable Energy



Brad Jester remembers crying as a kid when his brother left the faucet running. And he always loved to build things. By studying environmental engineering and then working in the solar energy industry, he was able to combine his desire to do environmental good with his passion for engineering creation. Brad has a fascinating story to tell about working in various solar and energy companies in California, and in Shanghai and Hong Kong. We’ll learn what drove him, and also discuss the fascinating, highly dimensional complexity of large-scale energy projects, which consider factors such as geography, climate, weather, politics and regulation spoken and unspoken, real estate, materials, construction, and much more. After more than a decade grappling with this complexity, Brad recently made a personal pivot, starting a tech recruiting startup JobRobin that is using Data Science to help recruit Data Scientists. It may seem like a big change, but it’s all one arc to Brad, and he tells us why.

Guest Bio

Brad Jester is founder and CEO of JobRobin, a recruiting platform currently focused on the Data Science market that is developing new approaches to recruiting using data and visualization. Before that he spent about 10 years working for energy companies in the U.S and Asia in various leadership and founder roles, including Sungevity and Sun Power in the the U.S, Clean Energy Associates and in China and BCI Solar in Hong Kong, which he co- founded. Brad has a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University.



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