Andrew Marsh
Problems With No Right Answers

04 Dec 2017

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Show Notes

Topics: Addiction Mechanics, Embedded Systems, Facebook Games, Founding, Game Development, Gaming, Managing Engineers, Recruiting, Social Responsibility, Startups, Teamwork and Team Leadership



In this episode we are joined by Andrew Marsh, for a lively and intense conversation about his 15 years in gaming and why he left the industry to co- found engineering interviewing platform Andrew wanted to co- found a business that scales by serving its customers needs, which he felt was no longer possible in gaming. Andrew also describes his approach to strategy and management, one that relies on a rigorous but constantly evolving model of his business that in turn supports his insight and intuition. And he argues for the advantages of’s two-sided marketplace solution to the problem of engineering recruiting, because the solution is driven by data and by the employer and employee market participants and is therefore open to expansion. Andrew is the rare technologist who can earn a patent for last- minute code written to save a Tivo feature, and also converse for minutes at a time in fully formed paragraphs.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride. It’s a fun one.

Guest Bio

Andrew Marsh is the Co-Founder and CTO of, a platform for software engineers to anonymously practice technical interviewing with experienced interviewers and get introductions to prospective employers. He previously worked for about 15 years in the video game industry, as founder and CEO of Fifth Column Games, Lead Engineer and Lead Designer at CrowdStar, Senior Software Engineer at Visual Concepts and Lead Gameplay Engineer at Secret Level. Andrew has also held positions at Tivo and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.



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